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  • Long-Term Thinking On Asia: Korea To India

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Rmb: First To Call Revaluation

When Consensus Priced A Devaluation. Rmb Has Risen 35% Against US$ Since Revaluation  
        October 2001


H Shares: Up 468%

Yuan to Revalue: Buy H Shares


October 2001



Property: Red Flags
The Best is Over For Property Stocks in This Cycle: Time to Take Profit, Sell or Short

Hang Seng Index Down 28%, Five Sells Down 44%

March 2007

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China Service

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Commodities: Buy 2002, Take Some Money Off Table 2011

Copper Has Risen 395%, Natural Rubber 262%, Palm Oil 119%          (Much More At Cycle Peaks)


Construction Equipment  Warning: May 2011

May 2011

Gold: China/India Should Disappoint Gold Bulls 
Gold's Bull Run may will be coming to an end in 2012, From 2013 we see annual average prices falling

 August 2012  





  •  +35 Years In Asia:    12 Years In China
  • Began Merrill Lynch's Southeast Asian Research in 1984

  • Headed Merrill Lynch's Asian Research

  • Managing Director Dresdner Kleinwort Benson

  • Emerging Markets Pioneer

  • Unparalleled Pan-Asian Network: Built Over Three Decades


    • +40 Years In Asia

    • Former Editor Far Eastern Economic Review

    • Former Consultant to Dresdner Kleinwort Benson

    • Pioneered Investigative Financial Journalism In Asia


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    • +35 Years of Management Consulting in Asia

    • Advises Mainly Fortune 100 Companies

    • Specialises in Pharmaceuticals

    • Based in San Francisco and Shanghai




    • Indonesian-Born Corporate Advisor

    • Former OCBC Head
      of Investment and Corporate Banking

    • Former Chairman Singapore's Association of Banks

    • Previously Board Member of Telecommunications Authority of Singapore, Public Utilities Board

    The Reality, Not The Myth

      Problem: Too much noise, not enough experienced judgment. Roiling global currency, commodity and stock markets with its actions, China has re-established itself as a key factor for investors to consider. However as investors found, that is easier said than done. With very little informed information let alone analysis coming out of China it is still treated as an opaque Middle Kingdom that will remain an arcane mystery to the outside world. 

      Solution: Research-Works' China Service cuts through this miasma to find the reality. It builds a broad knowledge platform from which to make informed decisions on industries, commodities, companies and market-moving events. We cover over 20 sectors. 

      Reports: We take a fundamental approach to China so as to build an understanding of reality. This has led us to look for the big ideas that are the building blocks of any economy or market. These have included:

    • Urbanisation. What is the true scale by 2020 ? What is the investment impact of another 340mn people moving into the cities by 2020 ? Which sectors and  stocks benefit and when ?

    • Leveraging the Chinese Consumer. What is consumer finance doing to stimulate housing, autos and white goods as China starts to Live Now, Pay Later ? What are Chinese household incomes ?

    • Margins. Are profits collapsing, triggering the next crisis? Or is Corporate China in its best shape ever ?


             Sector Analysis: In-depth analysis of the sectors is an integral part of the China Service. This is designed both for Asian specialists

             and for global investors who need to know how China impacts their investments worldwide. Sectors include: Steel, Telecoms, Power,

             Energy, Textiles, Expressways, Rail and Commodities. 


             China Monitor: Each month we review the main data that we think gives the most reliable guide to China's economy. This provides

             a guide to the economy over the next 3-6 months and to likely policy-maker moves. 


             Industry Monitors: These do for an industry what the China Monitor does for China macro. In 20 minutes a month it keeps investors

             abreast of the latest trends, So far there are Monitors on Steel , Telecoms, Textiles, Power, Energy , Infrastructure and Commodities.



             China Emails: Update investors with key data or events that indicate direction or explain developments. 


             Data Base: Access to rigorously tested five-year data on over 450 A and H shares plus industry data. 


             Workshops: These major investigations of the Chinese economy and the impact of its structural change are the centre piece

             of workshop conferences. For an idea of the scope of these conferences see the September 2008 Pearl River Delta Workshop.


             Experience: Hugh Peyman, has headed Asian research for Merrill Lynch and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. He is based

             in Shanghai, having been involved with China for over 30 years. With 15 people working on Greater China, there is both depth

             and experience. Access to Hugh and the sector analysts is welcomed. 


              Results: This fundamental approach has paid off, both in and out of China:

       First to say the Yuan would revalue, not devalue and to buy H Shares: Up 594% since October 2001  

             First to say CPI inflation would trend down and provide a second half boost. 

             First to say energy price deregulation would accelerate and bring relief to IPPs.  

             First to say soft commodities would be mixed,  with wheat and rice falling sharply.  

             First to say sell  UTStarcom: Down 91% since January 2004


    China Matters. The Law of Large Numbers Now Counts


    Research-Works is the only China-based Asian investment strategy firm.   

    China Service                                       


    Contact Us :  Telephone: 86-21-5887-6060  Fax: 86-21-5887-7558

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